Pretty In Purple

Pretty In Purple

You probably couldn't care less what color bathing suit Nicole has on because after all, you're here to see the tits, the tits, and nuthin' but the tits. What we find particularly staff-stiffening about Nicole, besides her oblong areolae that, interestingly enough, are angled in opposite directions, is her constant cheerful look. As if she could show us her boobs all day and never get tired of seeing our beanpoles go boing just for her. We never get tired of that either.
Featuring: Nicole Peters
Date: October 27th, 2023
Photos: 67

Member Comments

OUTSTANDING SET OF PICS!!!!! Nicole is definitely one of the all-time greatest Scoregirls, but this set is extra spectacular. I seriously could blow my load on just the first 10 pics... #6 just sums this site up all in one picture!!!!! Love it!!!

The beautiful sensuous curves of Nicole's body are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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